• Founder/Owner
    Jan 2012 - Present | Austin, Texas

    Show more I run a late night delivery service.

  • PPC Account Manager
    StrongPages LLC
    Feb 2013 - Present | Austin, Texas

    Show more I handle pay per click accounts for four clients. I communicate with the clients regularly and optimize campaigns based on their goals and objectives. The budgets I handle are anywhere between $24K-$175K. I work on building new accounts, keyword research, developing new ad copy, and calculate estimated monthly budgets. I report to each of the clients weekly with written and graphical analysis of the week´s and month´s statistics. We have accounts in Google Adwords, Bing AdCenter, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ad platforms.

  • Online Marketing Director
    Feb 2013 - Present | Austin, Texas

    Show more I came into this association to build their online marketing presence from ground-up. We focus on KPIs for our efforts to produce a short term and long term vision for the company. Coming on board this company, I built and paved a road-map of online marketing initiatives creating a closed loop cycle between pay per click, search engine optimization, and social media efforts. Essentially it is my responsibility are to focus on increasing membership certification leads and build brand awareness online. To consistently ensure concentrated efforts are prioritized on highly converted areas of our PPC efforts, I am using Google Analytics, Optimizely’s A/B testing, CrazyEgg’s heat maps to analyze the most optimal landing pages and campaigns. I find it best to use Bit.ly statistics to diagnose the best outlets in our social media efforts on Google+ and Twitter platforms. I also use multiple web SEO tools to do competitor analysis and backlink checks to create partnerships and to focus on organic rankings.