• Creative Director
    Jun 2003 - Present | Austin, Texas

    Show more I am a very knowledgeable Mobile and Web Application Development Engineer specializing in with 16 Years Professional Experience Designing Mobile and WebSites and Applications and Business Management Solutions for Local Business and Fortune 500 Corporate Clients. WebSites and Database Interfaces that collect, Manage and Report Historical, Statistical, Benchmarking Or Performance Metrics Analysis for Big Data Aggregators in the Hospitality Industry (Built scalable data collection systems that could handle daily intake data from 50,000 + Hotels/ Motels in the United States / Canada.) This Web Big Data Portal ".com" got bought by Fodors within three years of startup in 2003 for $24MM. After that I developed a Technical Services Service / RMA / Inventory Management Portal for a Point of Sale Printer Manufacturer handling 25000+ Repairs Per Month. Lead Developer / Design Manager for a series of telephony/voip , mobile / web portals, social media management apps and mobile / web tools and interfaces for Local Businesses. Our strongest niches and product families cater to Restaurants/ Bars for Customer List Building / Order Management / Event And Campaign Management. Our latest released Application is a Mobile Lead Generation / Sales Application For The Automotive Industry. / Car Dealers & Construction / Repair Service Providers . Each Solution / Application we develop specifically to connect Businesses to their Customers and Increase Immediate Revenue and LTV Of A Businesses Customers. We also provide professional Update services for social , mobile, local and Search Providers so a Business can be found by today's mobile consumers looking for their products or services. This is our HIghest ROI service and will continue to work for our clients for years without any additional costs. connect with and ultimately become paying customers of the businesses we help. In summary we Help Local Businesses gain new customers and keep them coming back more often using mobile and web based technologies. Let Us Prove It!

  • Global Quality Commodity Manager
    Quantum Corporation
    Apr 2002 - Mar 2014 | Round Rock, Texas

    Show more Managed Manufacturing and Service Quality / Service Process Control for Multiple Computer And Data Management Product Families and facilitated requirements and performance metrics for the top three Computer Manufacturers that OEMed Our Products