to do inventory on a storage unit

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Location: Springfield, Missouri, 65802

Category: Other Skilled Labor

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Complete by: Dec 19, 2019

Posted: Dec 17, 2019

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1) Open storage unit

2) Take photos of status of unit and email or text across

3) Count boxes, note quantity, size

4) Note labels on boxes, if boxes are opened or unopened

5) Unopened boxes (sealed originally from the factory only), please check packing list which should be located on the box, use this packing list to produce an inventory for the box

6) If box is opened, separate bags by part number, take inventory of bags of materials that are inside the box, and then quantity per bag

7) Do the above for all the boxes of PIM materials in the unit

8) Label boxes 1 to X, and then inventory will have to be broken down by box

9) After this is complete, repackage the boxes, retape

10) Procure pallets to ship the boxes with plastic wrap, determine how many pallets will be needed based on box counts

11) Load boxes on pallets

12) Plastic wrap boxes on the pallets

13) Produce shipping documentation, which includes:

Packing Slip

Commercial Invoice