p/u items, pack & take to fedex

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Accepting offers for: Hurry!

Location: Carson City, Nevada, 89706

Category: Shopping & Delivery

Budget: $30.00

Payment type: Guaranteed Payment w/ PayPal

Complete by: May 30, 2022

Posted: Apr 29, 2022

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You need packing tape, a box, paper, bubble wrap or something to make sure items are not loose in shipment. Newspaper works great and is often free. You are welcome to use a used box as long as its fit for shipment and the correct size. Most people already have most of the supplies. Ideally you can print 1 piece of paper so that you can print and affix the ship label. Pick up items from B&R Auto Pack them for shipment, then take to Fedex. These two locations are 6 miles apart. You must send me a copy of the FedEx receipt and a picture of items in box before closing / taping it. DO NOT buy a box from FedEx or have them pack this for you. Projected time for task is 30-60 minutes, which includes driving time between the two locations. Budget includes any supplies that you may need (which you can keep).