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By Jordan Foord

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Location: Austin, Texas, 78735

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Complete by: Jul 21, 2015

Posted: Jul 14, 2015

Task is to sign-up on my website and then upload your 5 favourite things around your area. If you post a lot on tripadvisor; this is your dream task :)

The website is about interesting and fun things to do in your area, focussing on things-to-do rather than places to go. If you know and amazing burger somewhere or brilliant lookout spot to sit and watch the world go by, that's the sort of thing the site is about. The site is not a directory of restaurants or bars like yelp/tripadvisor/urbanspoon, it's about specific things worth doing at at places, it's a community for sharing local secrets like swimming holes, private beaches, wet weather activities for the kids etc. Take a look through the site and you'll get the jist of it.

All you need to do for this is to upload 5 of your favourite things to do in wet weather, activities you think are great and write all the content yourself with the following conditions; All fields need to be populated (Price,effort,good or bad weather, morning afternoon or night, location and which categories it falls into, description) The description field needs to be content written by yourself and not copy and pasted from anywhere. Description text needs to be 130 words+ and you need to upload AT LEAST 1 photo for each thing. If you've copied someone else's content (I'll google for the text) you won't get paid.

If you've got 5 local secrets in your area that are a great way to spend some time then jump on board... and remember - it's Things to do, not places to go that you're uploading!

ps. If you get stuck thinking of things, the easiest way to complete this task is to go through the photos on your phone and find photos of experiences you enjoyed so much you took photos of and upload those :)