Pick up coffee table & mirror

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By thisissadeg

Accepting offers for: Hurry!

Location: Brooklyn, New York, 11211

Category: Transportation

Budget: $ ?

Payment type: Guaranteed Payment w/ PayPal

Complete by: Mar 5, 2021

Posted: Mar 4, 2021

Offers: 0

Hey I want to buy a couple things on craigslist and I cant pick them up myself. So far the coffee table is confirmed. Is in the lower east side off the Williamsburg bridge. I'd like to also find a mirror for you to pick up. Its all on its way to me. I live in Williamsburg. If you can help me bring it up the stairs, I'll help out! Just 1 flight.

My budget is relatively small- looking to keep under 60$ since I am also paying for the items. The items arent crazy big or heavy and I can help bring them upstairs with you.