New shower area tiled

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By Beth Gott

Status: Paid to simon.castilleja.jr

Location: Austin, Texas, 78735

Category: Handyman & Assembly

Budget: $ ?

Payment type: Pay Directly with Cash or Check

Complete by: Apr 2, 2015

Posted: Mar 25, 2015

I have a 36" x 36" shower area that needs tiling on 2 walls as well as a shower base built up and tiled. This is going to be a frameless shower, with 2 sides glass and 2 sides tile. I haven't picked the tile out yet, but I'm leaning towards a large darker grey tile with grey grout.
Cement board is up but the area still needs to be waterproofed. And there is no pan installed.
  • Vint Daube Mar 25, 2015 1:19pm
    Has the joints on the cement board been waterproofed and will you be wanting additional waterproofing? What is approximate size of tile you want used on the walls and on the shower pan? What type of pan do you currently have installed? Will you be providing all materials? Could you post pictures of the current bath stall area?
    • Beth Gott Mar 25, 2015 1:35pm
      Hi Vint. You are correct and there will need to be additional waterproofing, as its just the cement board. Thank you for clarifying. I will post a picture of the area in the next hour. I will be providing all the materials and will measure the wall tile and post that as well.
    • Vint Daube Mar 25, 2015 4:39pm
      Do you prefer a built up pan or a premade tile ready pan? We can provide estimate once you provide approximately tile size.
    • Beth Gott Mar 26, 2015 9:43am
      On the pan I'm not as particular - just as long as it doesn't look or feel cheap. The tile size for the walls is 12x24. Floor tiles I'm open to suggestions.