Need to have my RV cleaned

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Accepting offers for: Hurry!

Location: Los Gatos, California, 95033

Category: House Chores & Cleaning

Budget: $60.00/hr

Payment type: Pay Directly with Cash or Check

Complete by: Jun 28, 2022

Posted: Jun 24, 2022

I live in an RV and it needs cleaning.

The RV is parked near the entrance to a nudist "resort." I will be wearing clothes inside the RV, but, for the task involving washing dishes, you'd be required to use the "community kitchen," and I cannot promise everyone up there will be clothed. However YOU can be. And you can also accept this task WITHOUT this one aspect if need be. But I will prioritize offers that agree to all of it. It can be weird at first, but you get used to it and it's not really a big deal.

So if you are okay with that, I need basic cleaning of my RV:

* Pick stuff from floor and surfaces and put them away (floor is mostly clothes, counter mostly stuff that goes in the pantry and dishes in the 'sink' and then, see next bullet point for elaboration on that)

* The sink cannot really be used because it leaks and makes a terrible smell SO to clean the dishes there are two options: You can take them up (in a car) to the "community kitchen" where there is a LARGE sink and all the cleaning supplies you may want. OR you can wash them in a plastic bin I have, and/or a plastic bowl, and just pour out the soapy. water outside afterwards.

3. Wipe off the surfaces after you have put away stuff that's cluttered upon them. And same with the floor except, "vacuum," not wipe off. If you have your own GOOD QUALITY vacuum that is EXCELLENT, because mine sorta sucks, but it is acceptable for use if no other options are available. I can also try to borrow a good one from the "resort" where I live. (it is really more of a campground, but once you are here, you can probably get away with use of the pool and hot tub for free if you are okay with it being skinny dipping, FYI).

That's basically ti but it's a LOT of stuff on the floors and surfaces etc, so it's not as quick and easy as it sounds.

However, as I said, you can use the pool and the hot tub if you want once you're in here and you can also hike up the hill, etc, and hang out in the woods after you are done, for free (it usually costs a day fee of $40ish I think).

Also though when you get to the office en route to my RV, if it is before 5pm, they will run your name through a [censored] offender database (because it is a nudist place they want to avoid those people). Just a heads up. They may also write down your name as though you are my "guest," I am not sure. So, you need to be okay with sharing your name and have an ID to show them, I think, to sign in. OR we can set this up for a time at night after 5pm if that is better anyway.

Note: it made me say when I need it done by BUT please note my preference is for this *weekend* or the 27th, and the 28th is the latest. Though also....if available on the 29th, you CAN still reach out to see if that works if I have not heard from anybody else.