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By sugovicm

Accepting offers for: Hurry!

Location: New York, New York, 10280

Category: Online & Virtual Help

Budget: $10.00

Payment type: Guaranteed Payment w/ PayPal

Complete by: May 27, 2016

Posted: May 22, 2016

I'm conducting research on how people consume the news and need help with recruiting study participants to take a short 5-minute survey.

Ideal Candidate:
The ideal candidate is a person that has or can tap into a sizable network of people that would be willing to take a short (5-minute) online survey. What I find is that recruiting via social channels such as Facebook/Twitter as well as traditional channels like e-mail works well. But I leave it to you to decide the best method of recruitment.

The goal is to recruit over 30 participants to take the survey in a week (roughly).

Once the goal is reached you will receive the compensation.

About the Survey:
Anyone that can read English is eligible to participate. None of the questions are sensitive - participants simply read a news article and answer some perception questions.

If you'd like to see the types of questions asked, feel free to take the survey yourself by visiting the following address and please try to answer the questions honestly:

As a thank you, study participants can win one of five $25 gift cards. Also, winners may choose to donate the $25 to the Young Survival Coalition. The Young Survival Coalition ( is an organization that focuses on raising breast cancer awareness among young women.

If interested please let me know. You would be helping advance research as well as helping a good cause. Thank you for your help.