Need Someone to Review Headphones!

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By joepcarvalho

Accepting offers for: Hurry!

Location: New York, New York, 10112

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Complete by: Aug 16, 2018

Posted: Aug 15, 2018

So the thing is...I want to buy a freaking great headphone.
So what’s the deal about it?

I live in Brazil. Stores here don’t give a crap about high end headphones.

And I won’t be heading for USA or Europe for some time but I NEED this headphones becouse of reasons.

But as they are expensive, I need someone to help me testing some of them just to make sure I will be buying the right one.

I need you to test:
Bose QuietComfort 35 II
Sony WH-1000XM2
Bowers & Wilkins PX
Bowers & Wilkins P5

The thing is. I have a BW P5 and a BW C5.
The C5 is brilliant with full lovely bass.
As the P5 has no bass at all!
I want to buy the PX but if it has no bass just like the P5 I may cry.

So I need you to hear first the B&W P5 to understand what I mean with weak bass (at least for me)

Then you will hear the 3 other ones, and tell me about the bass in each of them.
And you will tell me what do you think they all sound like.

BUT there is a catch! You will have to test 2 songs on each of them:
Alone in Kyoto - Air
Canggu - FKJ

You can probably hear all of them in a 20 min trip to a Best Buy. I can’t. They are expensive as hell in Brazil, can’t buy a wrong one. Need bass. Please help?

So if you like headphones and read this thinking: “Man you like bass buy some Beats from DRE.”
My answer is: Beats sucks. Yes.