Manage my rental cars

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By chief

Accepting offers for: Hurry!

Location: Redwood City, California, 94063

Category: Business & Legal

Budget: $ ?

Payment type: Guaranteed Payment w/ PayPal

Complete by: Mar 31, 2020

Posted: Dec 14, 2019

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Manage my rental cars that are based within half a mile radius of each other. 3 month minimum duration ongoing task with incredible earning potential. It’s easy, relaxing work. You earn approximately $60 per hour, where your exact compensation per task is broken down below. You are allowed to manage up to 100 cars, and must manage at least 10 for a minimum of 3 months. The job requires 20 minutes of management total per round trip per car per week. REQUIRED, Task 1- For new cars I buy, I give you one-time $75 per car to list the vehicle on either Turo or Hyrecar on my account, where this may require coordination with our detailer service via phone (it's a 2 minute phone call per detail per car, they drive to the car and wash onsite from their van). This is extremely rare, but $100 total is paid if coordination with my local mechanics/maintenance on the vehicle is required, which may require you to dropoff and pickup the vehicle at the mechanic (5-10 minutes per one way trip). Either way, it’s less than 1 hour of work for Task 1, which happens about once per week. REQUIRED, Task 2- $17 per single rental round trip management, which is about 20 minutes of total work. This task includes meeting customers at car for key handoff, occasional text or call from drivers (1-2 texts or calls total week), and then car dropoff. REQUIRED- MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP/DROPOFF ON DEMAND BETWEEN 9 am AND 11 pm. There is about one round trip per week per car. For example, if you manage 36 cars, that’s about $600 dollars per week for 12 hours of total work per week. REQUIRED, Task 3- $17 dollars per round trip maintenance events (15 minutes of total work per round trip) of vehicle for both routine and non-routine maintenance events. This requires coordination with my local towing and mechanic partners via phone only, so no pickup/dropoff is needed from you. These maintenance events happen about once every 3 months per car- so you would earn an extra 200 dollars per month from this if you managed 36 cars. BONUS- If you maintain at least 98% delivery/pickup rate in a month, you will be given a $15 bonus per month per car. For 36 cars, that’s an extra 540 USD per month. WEEKLY SUMMARY FOR 36 CARS- 1 hour adding a car to Turn or Hyrecar, 10 hours managing customer rentals, and 1 hour managing maintenance on cars for a weekly total of $730 USD + bonus, a total potential of over 840 USD per week for only about 12 hours of work.