Buy an item in Tampa and ship it to me in Los

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By ac_86

Accepting offers for: Hurry!

Location: Tampa, Florida, 33605

Category: Shopping & Delivery

Budget: $20.00

Payment type: Guaranteed Payment w/ PayPal

Complete by: Nov 29, -0001

Posted: Jan 23, 2017

Offers: 0

I live in Los Angeles and none of my local stores carry a sofa cover I need. However there are 18 of them in stock at the Tampa location. Therefore I am looking to hire a Tampa local to purchase this item and ship it to me.

1. Go to IKEA (1103 N 22nd St, Tampa FL 33605).
2. Pick up the Isunda Grey Kivik Sofa Cover (Item No. 402.751.20). It's apparently found in the in the self-service area: Aisle 42, Bin 28 (one shelf above the floor). Pay for it and keep receipt. Cost $25.00.
3. Go to local post office less than a mile away (2000 E 12th Ave, Tampa FL 33605).
4. Ship the sofa cover and the receipt in a Priority Mail 2-Day Large Flat Rate Box. Cost $18.85.

I anticipate the gig to take no more than two hours and am paying $20.00 ($10/hr) for your services to purchase the item and ship it to me. In addition, I will obviously cover the cost of the purchase and shipment ($43.85), so in all, I will be paying $63.85.

If this sounds good, let me know and we can discuss further.