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Lawn & Garden

Rick Biggondick

Location: Austin, Texas, 78753 / 9 miles

I do everything from lawn work, painting, flooring, remodeling work, (homes or if you have that special someone you want their teeth knocked out! Hahahahaha!), or even Stud services for the wife and the ladies as long as they are over 25 and under 65 years of age. I come with a good clean bill of health and I keep myself in good physical shape, especially being a 55 year old German man! My profile picture is mainly to weed out azzholes!

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Eric Poortinga

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78681 / 13 miles

Licensed irrigator that focuses on water efficiency through the use of smart controller technology, drip, and other new best practices.

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Trey Heatley

Location: Austin, Texas, 78748 / 13 miles

Born and raised in Austin TX

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Chris garza

Location: Austin, Texas, 78723 / 9 miles

Ex-Apple Employee that worked as a Senior Advisor in the CPU department. Just left recently, January 13, 2014, to finish my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. I'm a Husband, Baptist, I like to swim, run, and most recently I boxed for Lord's Boxing Gym. I like to read, write, drink coffee, Play on my PS4. I have experience doing tune up's, oil changes, all computer work from hardware to software. I can do lawn work, I used to lease a house for 4 years so I know how to do things around the house and get my hands dirty (gutters, pulling weeds, taking down bamboo, chopping down bees nests, killing bugs of all sorts. Also, I was just thinking, if anyone needed a personal shopper, someone to go to the store, deli, or do some deliveries, i.e.; roses, cards, candy, cookies, etc. Let me know!

I'm mostly available:

Mon - 3 - 9pm
Tue 3 - 9pm
Wed 3 - 9pm
Thu 3 - 9pm
Fri - anytime
Sat - anytime
Sun - after 2pm (church)

Call me! 512 484 0678

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Leonard Castillo

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78664 / 15 miles

I have wide variety of skills that define my work ethic. I am adept and skilled in all aspects of home renovation and remodeling. I have been in this industry for over 20 years and I have a vast array of projects that have defined my path in the home improvement industry.

Handyman & Assembly House Chores & Cleaning Lawn & Garden Moving & Hauling

Tonya Clifton

Location: Austin, Texas, 78704 / 9 miles

Excellent organizational skills
Believe in being time efficient yet accurate
Strong attention to details
Open schedule, all days, any time
Dependable, Trustworthy, Honest, Respectful
Reliable transportation
17 years experience recruiting, training and placing candidates in the workforce.
7 years experience in Home reorganization and housecleaning services.

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Jay Strong

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

I'm just a generally good-natured guy who enjoy's an honest day's work. I've got a little experience in a lot of things. I'm fairly handy when it comes to fixing most minor house-hold issues. I am a licensed aircraft mechanic by trade. If I say I can do something, I mean it. Lying about what I can or can't do does neither of us any good. I've got a truck and am not afraid to get dirty. I'm patient and good with people. I taught my wife how to drive a stick shift after she had given up on learning it herself. Give me a shot, I won't let you down.

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Clark Dufour

Location: Austin, Texas, 78754 / 11 miles

Hello to all of you lovely people on the internet perusing through this compilation of data and code that is my NeedTo page.

My name is Clark, and I moved to Austin from the Houston area last year in search of ways to expand my mental and physical limitations. But when I'm not at my nine-to-five (which is more along the lines of five AM to five PM) I like to make some extra profits by helping out those in my area.

I specialize in all forms of outdoor and physical labor. I also have a firm knowledge of gardening, landscaping, including general lawn/plant maintenance and care.

I'm a very friendly, calm, and easy-going person. But that doesn't mean that I am by any means a slacker on the job; I take great pride in my work ethic as a series of lessons that have been instilled in me from my parents, who have spent their entire lives working.

So if you need someone to mow your lawn, trim your flower bushes, move some lumber/stones/metal for whatever project you're working on, do a few things around the house, or whatever odd-job you need done then just call, text, send me a message on here or through my email, and I can guarantee you that I will have a response.

Also, if you made it this far I want to apologize for the massive wall of text. Didn't want to spare any details. Peace.

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Leon Crooks

Location: Manor, Texas, 78653 / 17 miles

Financing now available through Paypal Credit WAC

Experienced in just about everything.

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chuck wimbrow

Location: Austin, Texas, 78704 / 9 miles

I've lived in Austin for 25 years my last position was as a CAD Facility Space Planner for 2 years. I have taken courses in Landscape Design, Green Garden Management, Native Plant Gardening and certification through the COA as a Native habitat Steward, in addition to certification for completing the Green Garden Management for Landscape Professionals. In the interim, I've produced some landscape designs for neighbors and have performed both landscape/property preventive maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. I've entered the "Organizational Services" industry as an organizer specializing in organizing any space, including home offices, closets, kitchens, living area's, storerooms and garages. Additionally, I can perform home maintenance tasks using my tools if requested. I'm very reliable, proficient and trustworthy with references for your review. Please contact me for any further information you might need regarding your project.

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Cesar Hernandez

Location: Austin, Texas, 78726 / 5 miles

Responsible and Reliable individual that is looking to make extra cash to make up for fiance's cut hours at work. I have a clean criminal and driving record. I'm highly detail oriented, clean, time efficient, willing to go the extra mile to meet customer satisfaction. I'm a hard worker who does not mind getting my hands dirty. If you want someone that's motivated and will do a good job for you I'm the man you want.

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Luther Laughlin

Location: Austin, Texas, 78729 / 7 miles

Stick welder and mig welder , scuba diver , do carpentry work ,paint ,lawn care ,have a truck and trailer, do deliveries furniture ,boats ,cars,anything. That is legal. build fences metal and wood ,also stairs 

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Drew Neal

Location: Austin, Texas, 78759 / 5 miles


My name is Drew. I own and operate DFN Handyman Services. Myself and most of my employees are firefighters in the central Texas area. We have a wide variety of skills and give the same respect to jobs big or small. Honesty, integrity, and good customer service is Our main goal. All employees are drug and alcohol free, with a clear criminal history. We charge by the hour but will bid by the job as well. Let us know if we can help with any of your needs! If we can do it we will send you to someone who can. Thanks and have a great day!

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Keith Becker

Location: Georgetown, Texas, 78628 / 23 miles

Mechanical Engineer by day and I have ~15 yrs experience in sub-contracting, remodeling, general maintenance. If it can be bought at home depot, then its likely I know how to install it or what to do with it. I can help you with anything from repairing leaky faucets and replacing light fixtures to building shelving in closets and installing tile.

Similar experience in automotive repair / maintenance. If it can be bought from autozone, I can install it. From simple oil changes and tire rotations to brakes / struts / timing belts / clutches, etc. If you get any quotes or diagnoses with a price tag higher than you desire, bring it to me and I can likely cut the labor costs in half and provide good conversation while I'm at it.

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Jonathan Garcia

Location: Austin, Texas, 78729 / 7 miles

I am Texas Native, who is accustomed to the Texas heat and would love to help you out with any Outdoor projects you may have. I have a large trailer to help you with hauling off just about anything. My website is

House Chores & Cleaning Lawn & Garden Other Skilled Labor

Kollie Pewu

Location: Austin, Texas, 78752 / 8 miles

Newly formed business set to cater to our customer needs mowing, gutter cleaning, and installations needs. Give me a call and you'll be glad you did.

Handyman & Assembly House Chores & Cleaning Lawn & Garden Moving & Hauling Other Skilled Labor

Fred Bankhead

Location: Austin, Texas, 78756 / 6 miles

Fred here, honest and hardworking. I live N Central Austin, Texas

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Phillip Davis

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78681 / 13 miles

Hard working guy, looking to make some extra cash to help pay off my school loans. I have a full-time job but have been doing moves and hauls around the Austin area. I have a truck, so I use it regularly for my moves. I am an athlete and I am very physically fit. I played college basketball and still train regularly. So on top of me doing moves, I would be a great personal trainer or basketball trainer. What ever you need done that needs some extra sweat and muscle, I am willing to help.

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Brently Donnell

Location: Austin, Texas, 78741 / 11 miles

Happy to work in just about anything in Lawn Care, Maintenance, Brush Removal.

You name it, no job is to big or too small.

You'll be pleased and impressed with the amount of work done and the efficiency in which it is achieved.

Handyman & Assembly Lawn & Garden Moving & Hauling

Mauro Goytia

Location: Austin, Texas, 78759 / 5 miles

We offer a decades worth of experience completing home repairs and landscaping. We guarantee our work will meet your expectations at an affordable price.

Handyman & Assembly Lawn & Garden Other Skilled Labor

Tammy Rogers

Location: Austin, Texas, 78759 / 5 miles

I am a very versatile woman, a jane of all trades you could say. From house cleaning, remodeling (tile as well as hardwood and laminate floor installation, interior paint, drywall repair), to yard work, to running errands and fixing computers as well as any beading (jewelry) and crochet I can do it all. I even do some automotive work.

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Joel Ayala

Location: Taylor, Texas, 76574 / 29 miles

Automotive Assistance Lawn & Garden Moving & Hauling

Christopher Harding

Location: Leander, Texas, 78645 / 11 miles

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Steve Siegwalt

Location: Austin, Texas, 78749 / 10 miles

I have a variety of skills having been in most positions from CEO to floor sweeper. Given my history, I can do just about anything from business development to tree trimming!

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Lou Schallenberg

Location: Austin, Texas, 78725 / 16 miles

I have been a certified Personal Trainer in Austin since 2004.

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