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Automotive Assistance

Carlo Cruz

Location: Austin, Texas, 78744 / 13 miles

I have been in the automotive service industry for almost 10 years. In the last couple of years, however, I started to venture out from my core skill set. I have steadily built excellence in essay writing, higher division mathematics (algebra up to differential equations), strategic management (business planning and systematizing processes), research work, lawn care, auto detailing, general cleaning, moving, packing and mailing, among others. I see myself as a well-rounded guy with a well-rounded set of marketable skills I hone everyday. Problems to me is just part of the game. The game is to help myself by helping other people with their problems. This isn't a zero-sum game, where everybody loses. In my eyes, I am here to help you win and you are here to help me win as well. We are all here to help each other.

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Trey Heatley

Location: Austin, Texas, 78748 / 13 miles

Born and raised in Austin TX

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Keith Ryder

Location: Austin, Texas, 78719 / 16 miles

Have over 25 years experience and put pride in everything I do. There is very little things I can't do. So even though it may not be in my list (we are limited to only choose 5 categories) ask me, for most things I can help you. My rate's are negotiable.

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Location: Georgetown, Texas, 78628 / 19 miles

I (TexasCustomCoating) have been Painting for 9 years and 11 years of Drywall and Texture. I currently focus and specialize in Painting but, I will bid drywall or texture gigs. I do have my own airless spray rig (Graco 395), and my own tools. My company offers a High quality finish at a very reasonable price. I can also provide you with many pictures of previous happy customers work if needed. I also have references you may contact. Please feel free to contact me for a free estimate. Thank you for your time. ***** NEW PHONE # 512-412-4704-*****

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Micheal Lyles

Location: Cedar Creek, Texas, 78612 / 26 miles

My family(wife 3 kids and soon to be a grandchild) are all from Odessa TX. I have 20 years of odds and ends jobs experience for elderly neighbors, friends, and family. I have most tools to do light to moderate construction. I also have a background in audio and video installation home/car from pre-wire to final install and tuning. no job too small, and I will gladly let you know if your job is beyond my capabilities.

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Scott Boudar

Location: Austin, Texas, 78723 / 9 miles

I have the tools and skills to do most handyman type projects. I am a hard worker, and always pay attention to detail. I also have a full size truck.
I am a welder, but I am looking for small side jobs to supplement my income.
My "suggested" rate is negotiable, based on the work requirements.

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Keith Becker

Location: Georgetown, Texas, 78628 / 23 miles

Mechanical Engineer by day and I have ~15 yrs experience in sub-contracting, remodeling, general maintenance. If it can be bought at home depot, then its likely I know how to install it or what to do with it. I can help you with anything from repairing leaky faucets and replacing light fixtures to building shelving in closets and installing tile.

Similar experience in automotive repair / maintenance. If it can be bought from autozone, I can install it. From simple oil changes and tire rotations to brakes / struts / timing belts / clutches, etc. If you get any quotes or diagnoses with a price tag higher than you desire, bring it to me and I can likely cut the labor costs in half and provide good conversation while I'm at it.

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Joel Ayala

Location: Taylor, Texas, 76574 / 29 miles

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Steve Siegwalt

Location: Austin, Texas, 78749 / 10 miles

I have a variety of skills having been in most positions from CEO to floor sweeper. Given my history, I can do just about anything from business development to tree trimming!

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Blaine Thompson

Location: Austin, Texas, 78758 / 8 miles

I am a welder at Babeco Fabrication and Machining. I recently move to Austin from San Angelo, Tx where I was with the East Concho VFD which my family started when I was 6. I grew up on a ranch/farm and my mother is a Master Gardener so I am very experienced when it comes to anything and everything related to landscaping, yard work, green houses, building porches, playground equipment, etc. I have experience in custom car building, custom fabrication, plumbing, electrical, computers.... Long story short I'm a jack of all trades. I am a extremely hard worker and if I say I'm going to be somewhere to work I Will be there and at least 15 minutes early.

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Taj Kai

Location: Austin, Texas, 78750 / 7 miles

Easy going yet hard working guy. Ready to get my hands dirty doing your tasks. Quickly yet efficiently.

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Daniel Larsen

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

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Larry Johnson

Location: Elgin, Texas, 78621 / 28 miles

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Oscar Reyes

Location: Austin, Texas, 78753 / 9 miles

Austin General Contractor's "When Quality matters" we service both Austin and our great surrounding areas. Call us today for your free no obligation quote today!
From basic painting to complete home remodeling AGC has your back

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Jeremy Childs

Location: Austin, Texas, 78724 / 13 miles

Small incoming business ready to serve America.
" For the People, From the People, By the People"

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Location: Austin, Texas, 78751 / 7 miles

Hello Welcome!
My main expertise is in Automotive and Bicycles. I love tackling a job to have something in better shape to get you moving reliable again.
I have an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Technology and over 9 years’ experience working on import and domestic car and trucks. Systems I’m familiar with are:

I also LOVE cycling. I am competitive in Road, Mountain, and Track cycling. I have been on 2 self-supported bike tours, from Austin to Los Angeles and from Austin to New York City. If you have a bicycle that you need to get back on the road I can provide advice or hands on work.
Bike fit
Wheel truing
Full builds
Gear and Brake adjusting

Automotive Assistance Other Skilled Labor

Caleb Clark

Location: Pflugerville, Texas, 78660 / 14 miles


My name is Caleb and I am a Professional Pool Technician.

I have 5+ years experience in the industry and I can fix many and most problems that people experience especially after winter while wanting their pool ready for the summer!

Green pools, drains, acid washes, water chemistry, pumps, filter cleans...

Please feel free to contact me if you need help with your pool.

I also can transport big items. I do have a truck and don't mind hauling things.

If you simply just need a ride somewhere please feel free to call me.


- Caleb

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Arturo Gonzales

Location: Austin, Texas, 78741 / 11 miles

I move to Austin a couple years ago into a house which is a fixer upper with lots of potential. I moved in after the house was neglected for 3 years. it had no water heater no insulation no AC units and also had three cloggged drains and to water leaks. a week later me my wife and my five children moved in.

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Travis Hall

Location: Austin, Texas, 78749 / 10 miles

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Larry Mussman

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78681 / 13 miles

Automotive Assistance Handyman & Assembly Moving & Hauling Other Skilled Labor

Shyloh Dipuccio

Location: Elgin, Texas, 78621 / 28 miles

Im a humble and skilled individual, willing to go the extra mile to make a difference. Put my whole heart and energy into every project undertaken. Would like to serve any and all respectful humans.

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David Lomeli

Location: Kyle, Texas, 78640 / 25 miles

Hard worker who gets the job done doesnt like slacking off and always professional.

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Location: Pflugerville, Texas, 78660 / 14 miles

Friendly, honest, punctual. Can work around your schedule. Have a pickup truck with 6 foot bed, tie down straps and moving blanket. Looking for additional work to supplement my families income. This isn't my full time gig so my asking prices are reasonable. Please message me if you need assistance anything from moving, hauling to handyman work or automotive and computer.

Automotive Assistance Computer Help Handyman & Assembly Moving & Hauling Shopping & Delivery

Derek Taylor

Location: Hutto, Texas, 78634 / 21 miles

I am the mechanic and construction worker for the working class. Affordable quality is the motto

Automotive Assistance Handyman & Assembly Lawn & Garden Moving & Hauling Other Skilled Labor

Christopher Blaney

Location: Austin, Texas, 78745 / 11 miles

I'm a 23 year old Austin resident. Currently employed but looking to make extra money. I worked with my father as a general contractors as.sistant for a great deal of my adolescent life. And later helped him run his landscaping company out of Kyle Texas. I've held many odd jobs from food service to delivery services. I currently work as a crew chief for a locally owned and operated insulation company. I'm familiar with many different aspects of home repair and remodeling. I like to think of myself as diligent, resourceful, detail oriented, and courteous.

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