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Tim Abbott

Location: Austin, Texas, 78704 / 9 miles

I have been a professional handyman, painter and carpenter for 15+ yrs. Lived in Austin the last 7 yrs after a move from the hill country. I'm honest and fast while being detail oriented. Hourly rates change depending on skill set required and length of job. Often can come by and bid the work before we commit. If there is any reason I do not think the job can be completed or is cost effective I will let you know before we start the project. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Verbal references provided at request.

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Gregory Mendoza

Location: Austin, Texas, 78767 / 11 miles

Fifth year electrical apprentice. Four years of commercial experience from the initial to final building stages. Familiar with almost all stages of construction. Proficient in electrical design and install.

Handyman & Assembly Lawn & Garden Moving & Hauling Other Skilled Labor

Rick Biggondick

Location: Austin, Texas, 78753 / 9 miles

I do everything from lawn work, painting, flooring, remodeling work, (homes or if you have that special someone you want their teeth knocked out! Hahahahaha!), or even Stud services for the wife and the ladies as long as they are over 25 and under 65 years of age. I come with a good clean bill of health and I keep myself in good physical shape, especially being a 55 year old German man! My profile picture is mainly to weed out azzholes!

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Jonathan Alderman

Location: Georgetown, Texas, 78628 / 23 miles

Hi my name is Jonathan alderman I am a kindhearted man looking for work on time hard worker thank you for your time Jonathan.

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D Shelton

Location: Austin, Texas, 78704 / 9 miles

I am a friendly middle aged all around helper. Handyman work, Photography, and Computer help are my specialties. I am tall and strong and willing to sweat!

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Martin Vargas

Location: Kyle, Texas, 78640 / 25 miles

I'm a student at Austin Community College, pursuing an Associate's degree in their Music Business, Performance, Technology program. Though I have a strong background in construction, I seek a career in the media/entertainment industry. I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades and am always eager to gain new skills or hone my current skills.

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Eric Poortinga

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78681 / 13 miles

Licensed irrigator that focuses on water efficiency through the use of smart controller technology, drip, and other new best practices.

Business & Legal Lawn & Garden

Arshad Rehman

Location: Austin, Texas, 78705 / 7 miles

Business & Legal Computer Help Office Help Online & Virtual Help Web & Graphic Design

Chandra Washington

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

I am a Performing Artist, Writer, and Culinary Artist (Vegan and Raw Vegan cuisine). I am Artistic Director of "Healing Caravan," a multi-disciplined performance project, in which I also perform original dance, music/vocals, spoken-word, and theater. My vocal specialty is Jazz Improvisation; my ear for harmonizing has also afforded me background vocal work. My dance specialty is from the Ancient Mali Empire era of West Africa, improv modern, and a combination of the two. I also teach a style of dance I coin "Ancient Hip-Hop" (African dance/"street dance" amalgam). I also practice yoga.

As a writer, I am author of a short story and workbook for youth on self-acceptance and anti-bullying. My writing proficiency also extends into the area of administrative writing (drafting letters of correspondence, press releases, memorandums, etc) and even script writing. I am also proficient in organizing files/paperwork, and like tedious tasks (ex.: alphabetizing CD collections, inventory counting). I have a pleasant, professional phone manner, can manage multiple phone lines, and take accurate messages/notes.

My experience in food preparation ranges from catering to workshops to private lessons to personal chef, and I have interest in craft services setup for film locations. I can provide food preparation workshops, individual instruction and catering for small events (ex.: backstage food setup). I have been a practitioner of what I call "Healing Cuisine" and herbal nutrition for over 30 years.

I enjoy travel, hiking, biking, music, dance, performing, and would serve as a fun companion. If you are in need of a driver or companion for a long-distance drive, I also enjoy and have the endurance for driving long distances, backed by an impeccable driving record.

I am very personable, energetic, reliable, and have the the capacity to represent you/your service attractively and with integrity. Look forward to hearing from you!

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Carlo Cruz

Location: Austin, Texas, 78744 / 13 miles

I have been in the automotive service industry for almost 10 years. In the last couple of years, however, I started to venture out from my core skill set. I have steadily built excellence in essay writing, higher division mathematics (algebra up to differential equations), strategic management (business planning and systematizing processes), research work, lawn care, auto detailing, general cleaning, moving, packing and mailing, among others. I see myself as a well-rounded guy with a well-rounded set of marketable skills I hone everyday. Problems to me is just part of the game. The game is to help myself by helping other people with their problems. This isn't a zero-sum game, where everybody loses. In my eyes, I am here to help you win and you are here to help me win as well. We are all here to help each other.

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Trey Heatley

Location: Austin, Texas, 78748 / 13 miles

Born and raised in Austin TX

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Joseph Bussard

Location: Austin, Texas, 78722 / 8 miles

I have a small remodeling company here in Austin with exstensive construction experience. Im also a state licensed electrician

Handyman & Assembly Moving & Hauling Other Skilled Labor

Chris garza

Location: Austin, Texas, 78723 / 9 miles

Ex-Apple Employee that worked as a Senior Advisor in the CPU department. Just left recently, January 13, 2014, to finish my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. I'm a Husband, Baptist, I like to swim, run, and most recently I boxed for Lord's Boxing Gym. I like to read, write, drink coffee, Play on my PS4. I have experience doing tune up's, oil changes, all computer work from hardware to software. I can do lawn work, I used to lease a house for 4 years so I know how to do things around the house and get my hands dirty (gutters, pulling weeds, taking down bamboo, chopping down bees nests, killing bugs of all sorts. Also, I was just thinking, if anyone needed a personal shopper, someone to go to the store, deli, or do some deliveries, i.e.; roses, cards, candy, cookies, etc. Let me know!

I'm mostly available:

Mon - 3 - 9pm
Tue 3 - 9pm
Wed 3 - 9pm
Thu 3 - 9pm
Fri - anytime
Sat - anytime
Sun - after 2pm (church)

Call me! 512 484 0678

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Vlad Samokhin

Location: Austin, Texas, 78745 / 11 miles

PHP JavaScript MySQL Web Developer. Developer of website. Have experience in CakePHP, Symfony2, Yii, Laravel 4 frameworks. Angular.

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Leonard Castillo

Location: Round Rock, Texas, 78664 / 15 miles

I have wide variety of skills that define my work ethic. I am adept and skilled in all aspects of home renovation and remodeling. I have been in this industry for over 20 years and I have a vast array of projects that have defined my path in the home improvement industry.

Handyman & Assembly House Chores & Cleaning Lawn & Garden Moving & Hauling

Ricardo Gonzales

Location: Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

I'm dependable, work hard, like project task, no job is to big or small, willing to learn something that will improve my skills.

Lessons & Tutoring Office Help Online & Virtual Help Shopping & Delivery Transportation

Kathryn Krastin

Location: Austin, Texas, 78750 / 6 miles

Mother, advocate, social media guru, small business marketing, paralegal background, promotion of causes/ideas, event organizer, radio host, administrative, encourager, peer to peer support, life coaching, and more.

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James Delgado

Location: Austin, TX 78748 / 13 miles

Fair prices for quality work. Rates change based on scope of work.

Computer Help Handyman & Assembly Moving & Hauling Pet Care Transportation

Keith Ryder

Location: Austin, Texas, 78719 / 16 miles

Have over 25 years experience and put pride in everything I do. There is very little things I can't do. So even though it may not be in my list (we are limited to only choose 5 categories) ask me, for most things I can help you. My rate's are negotiable.

Automotive Assistance Events Fun & Bizarre Handyman & Assembly Other Skilled Labor

Jenny Paul

Location: Cedar Park, Texas, 78630 / 25 miles

I have experience cleaning, caring for children, dogs, horses, coordinating events, small building projects, and am TABC certified. Looking for extra funds to save for a wedding!

Creative & Writing Handyman & Assembly Health & Fitness Pet Care Shopping & Delivery

Toya Irene

Location: Leander, Texas, 78641 / 13 miles

Recently moved to Austin from Wisconsin. I'm a business management student and I take pride in what I do!

Creative & Writing Family Services House Chores & Cleaning Pet Care Transportation

David Trautwein

Location: Austin, Texas, 78744 / 13 miles

I like this site. So far so good. Everyone needs a lot more feed back to help support their business.

I'm available to help coach your child one on one, in basketball and flag football. Now when it comes to the adult things to learn and have FUN with,,,,
I'm available to help teach Vegas games... Roulette, craps, and black jack... I have a table to practice also. FUN . FUN . FUN..
I'm available to help teach you the basics in working a great deal on "how to bay a car or truck" could save you thousands...
These are the things that I am very good at and very much enjoy to teach. If you think you could use the help. I can be available.

Events Family Services Fun & Bizarre Lessons & Tutoring Seasonal

Brian Nally

Location: Austin, Texas, 78747 / 16 miles

I love real estate. I purchase, renovate and sell residential real estate in Austin.

Business & Legal Handyman & Assembly Transportation Other Skilled Labor

Micheal Lyles

Location: Cedar Creek, Texas, 78612 / 26 miles

My family(wife 3 kids and soon to be a grandchild) are all from Odessa TX. I have 20 years of odds and ends jobs experience for elderly neighbors, friends, and family. I have most tools to do light to moderate construction. I also have a background in audio and video installation home/car from pre-wire to final install and tuning. no job too small, and I will gladly let you know if your job is beyond my capabilities.

Automotive Assistance Handyman & Assembly Moving & Hauling Volunteer Other Skilled Labor

Scott Boudar

Location: Austin, Texas, 78723 / 9 miles

I have the tools and skills to do most handyman type projects. I am a hard worker, and always pay attention to detail. I also have a full size truck.
I am a welder, but I am looking for small side jobs to supplement my income.
My "suggested" rate is negotiable, based on the work requirements.

Automotive Assistance Handyman & Assembly Moving & Hauling Transportation Other Skilled Labor