Needs in



yardwork; leaf p/u and edging $40.00/hr

Location : Austin, Texas, 78717 / 10 miles

I have a relatively small yard but the back yard has lots of trees and the leaves have become too much. And edging in front yard if poss


Fireworks $500.00

Location : Oxnard, California, 93035 / 1251 miles

I am looking for good fireworks not snakes and sparklers if you know what I mean!


I need help getting rid of things, plan a yar $18.00/hr

Location : Seattle, Washington, 98178 / 1644 miles

I need to clean out garage for yard sale, junk hauling and giveaways. I also have three rooms of my house that need sorting and posting for sale. Need highly motivated person.


lawnmower & shed repair $15.00/hr

Location : Madison Heights, Michigan, 48071 / 1126 miles

I need someone to repair my lawnmower. The bolt holding the right side came loose and i cannot steer the lawnmower. Also, aluminum shed's door off of its track. Need to put back on track


Pack baked goods into boxes $15.00/hr

Location : Los Angeles, California, 90031 / 1195 miles

Looking for someone to pack baked goods into boxes, tape them up and attach shipping labels.


Someone that knows how to lay up Fiberglass $ ?

Location : Melrose, Florida, 32666 / 950 miles

Someone to mix polyester resin and to lay up mat on a mold


Christmas 2020 Cheer $ ?

Location : Rosharon, Texas, 77583 / 157 miles

I am seeking guidance in providing a Christmas for my 4 children. Syre 12M is on the spectrum and will also have a birthday in December as well. Zonet 7F/Mckay$f/Legaci2F are the little ladies. I exhasuted my UI in September 2020 and am currently unemployed. I am now behind on December 2020 life. I …