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Moving & Hauling


Need to move a ping pong board $50.00/hr

Location : Austin, Texas, 78717 / 10 miles

We need to move a ping pong board from a home to another home 25-30 miles away. Need 2 person to carry the board to first floor at destination. If truck is available, it will be good. Otherwise, I’ll get a u haul. Should not be more than 2 hrs job.


Move queen mattress $25.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78717 / 10 miles

I need someone to help me take a queen mattress and a bed frame to the nearby Sams Club(5 min driving). I need someone with a truck big enough for the items. I will help with the move


Help moving couch into house $20.00

Location : Round Rock, Texas, 78681 / 13 miles

I need someone to help me move a couch and love seat from my driveway into my house. Also need help moving my current couch to a different room.


Chest and boxes moved $125.00

Location : Dripping Springs, Texas, 78620 / 18 miles

Need large chest of drawers and approx 8 small boxes moved from garage at 306 Grand Prairie Cir in Dripping Springs to storage unit at 405 W Ben White Blvd


Moving, handyman. $150.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78754 / 11 miles

Hello. In the order of importance - I need two sofas moved, one upstairs and one in another room. It probably requires two people because of tricky corners. Approximately 12 items/boxes moved upstairs.

Would like to have 42 inch tv mounted on the wall with the possibility of running a wire down t…


Furniture moved $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78727 / 8 miles

I need someone with a pick-up to move 2 pieces of furniture from Rundburg to Parmer. No lifting just transporting on Sunday


Need two couches trasported $ ?

Location : Round Rock, Texas, 78664 / 15 miles

I need someone with a truck to haul two couches from one location to another


Help moving my machine $35.00

Location : Kyle, Texas, 78640 / 25 miles

I need help moving my 200-300 lb machine from a moving van to my apartment. I can rent a dolly but it's awkward. I'll be helping, I've moved it before, just needs two people ... I'm one of them.


Unload some boxes and a small dinette table & $10.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78759 / 5 miles

Your post indicated $20 per hour


Move chair & ottoman, dispose couch $100.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78728 / 11 miles

move large upholstered chair & ottoman from house at wells branch 78728 to apt 5 miles away at arboretum 78759; and dispose of broken couch at arboretum apt. Husband will help load chair & ottoman; husband and son will help unload chair & ottoman, and help load couch.


2 movers $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78701 / 8 miles

I need two movers to move a desk, dresser, one bed, recliner, wine cabinet and a few (3-5) random boxes/bags this week. I'm currently on the 2nd floor and would be moving to a third floor. $100 each.

4d left

Need to have a fifth wheel moved $ ?

Location : Cleburne, Texas, 76033 / 140 miles

Need to move a 38' fifth wheel from Cleburne, TX to Forney, TX (75126).

1d 9h left

Need someone to haul a 10ftx40ft trailer to C $800.00

Location : Milligan College, Tennessee, 37682 / 957 miles

I have a 10' x 40' mobile home that has been damaged by fire hauled to the landfill here in Carter County, TN


Couch moved Venice to DTLA $80.00

Location : Los Angeles, California, 90014 / 1197 miles

Pick up Venice Beach. Drop off Downtown.
Pick up 9pm. 1 x Couch.


Take apart and move a sleeper sofa $75.00

Location : Arlington, Virginia, 22202 / 1263 miles

take apart the Ikea Friheten sofa until it fits through the apt door, move it five miles to a townhouse, and reassemble. Freight elevator available at apt and loading dock.


TV carrying to apartment $10.00

Location : Brooklyn, New York, 11205 / 1440 miles

Need a 50' TV lifted up 3 flights of stairs. TV is about 35 pounds


Furniture Moved to Storage Unit $20.00/hr

Location : San Mateo, California, 94404 / 1428 miles

I need help moving furniture. I have a Uhaul truck rented. Just need help lifting/moving.


Moving a mattress $20.00

Location : Baltimore, Maryland, 21231 / 1293 miles

I need help moving a mattress (still in the box) from my leasing office and across the street to my apartment.


Getting uhaul $50.00

Location : Triangle, Virginia, 22172 / 1243 miles

I just need someone with a truck that can get a uhaul (either a 5x8 cargo or a 6x12 cargo) to and from a uhaul location (less than a mile away from the house) and also be able to back it into the driveway (uphill slope) to the far left side in front of the garage. No packing necessary I just need a …


I need help packing up a dorm room $25.00/hr

Location : Evanston, Illinois, 60201 / 961 miles

I need help packing up a dorm room. Packing only no moving.


Need to Pick Up Purchased Doors $ ?

Location : Houston, Texas, 77037 / 150 miles

Need someone that will pick up doors from Houston Door Clearance on the 45 (just north of the 610) and deliver to our home. There are 15 doors total - 12 interior regular doors, 2 interior pre hung and 1 exterior pre-hung.


Need to move Queen Mattress and Box $150.00

Location : Marietta, Georgia, 30061 / 800 miles

I need to move our Queen Mattress and Box from Marietta, GA to Brookhaven, GA.

It will fit in a 9ft Uhaul Van, but this job will require 2 people. I have back issues and can not help move anything.

There is one small flight of stairs that will be involved, but this is otherwise a straight fo…


Moving help $60.00

Location : Sherwood, Oregon, 97140 / 1597 miles

Hi folks! My company is moving boxes from a 5x5x5 storage unit in Sherwood, OR into a 5x6x7 relocation pod (parked right outside the unit). We had hired a task rabbit to help with the carting boxes / playing Tetris with the pod, but oh noes: they canceled at the last minute.

So, I need a replace…


Drive Boxspring $15.00

Location : Arlington, Virginia, 22209 / 1263 miles

I need someone to drive a boxspring about two miles. No lifting/moving required.


I need help moving a bookcase $350.00

Location : Caldwell, New Jersey, 07006 / 1429 miles

Hello, I am offering $350 for 2 movers who can deliver a large bookcase with glass doors from Caldwell, NJ to Midtown, Manhattan. It is one piece and takes a minute to disassemble with a screwdriver/flathead. I need this to be done asap. Dropoff only at Midtown Manhattan, no set up required. Pleas…