Needs in

Lawn & Garden


Mowing frontyard and backyard $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78717 / 10 miles

I need someone to mowing frontyard and backyard. Bring your own supplies.


Trash Removal $75.00/hr

Location : Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania, 19022 / 1362 miles

Clean leaves out from the bottom of the outside stairway entrance to the basement so that it does not block the drain.

Bag up trash from the outside trash bin and put bags out for pickup. Put the empty trash bin into the shed.


yard weeding and cleanup $25.00/hr

Location : Portland, Oregon, 97267 / 1590 miles

Large yard with multiple flowerbeds that need major weeding and pruning. Can be a good marketing tool for those starting out, as its a very unique yard and location that would look great on your resume. Lots of unfinished areas needing design and planting. A good way for you to show your creative s…


Clean my garden $100.00

Location : Portland, Oregon, 97230 / 1589 miles

Its a big garden


Need my front yard dug out $15.00/hr

Location : Nipomo, California, 93444 / 1322 miles

I need someone dig out my front yard to about 2" deep and dump the dirt over a 4' wall.


My Yard Project $8,000.00

Location : Dallas, Texas, 75206 / 181 miles

Have a total yard project. Clear out, Grading, sidewalk, sod, sprinkler fix.


Chop down growth in backyard $ ?

Location : Dallas, Texas, 75206 / 181 miles

I need someone to come and chop down a bunch of growth in the backyard behind the fence and along the fence.


Need flowerbeds weeded $30.00/hr

Location : Katy, Texas, 77450 / 132 miles

Currently empty front flower beds (2) & side flower bed (1) need weeding. Tools & supplies provided.