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Lawn & Garden


Mow the lawn $50.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78735 / 8 miles

I would like someone to cut my grass. It is a corner house with a fenced yard. I want the entire lawn cut, inside and outside the fence. It's been over a month since I last cut it. Some parts are overgrown and other areas of the lawn are short. You provide the mower and the gas. I will make sure th…


mow/leaf collection $70.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78751 / 7 miles

Need mow/edge of lawn. Not a big yard, but small front yard will need two passes (should take 20 min for front, 10 for the back). Leaf collection and general "green cleanup" needed on alley-facing garage driveway and side yard.


Mow Lawn $50.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78745 / 11 miles

Need a small/medium size lawn mowed and edged. Some weed-wacking too. Yard is pretty level. Grass is tall in some places, short in others, and bare in some. Need clippings bagged and not left on lawn.

Can pay cash or online.


Need to have shrubs trimmed back $35.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78759 / 5 miles

I need the shrubs out front by the utility boxes cleaned up, trimmed back/lower, overgrowth removed. One small bed in front only, small job. Clean it up, cut it down, make it look presentable, I'm not fussy, I will probably remove it all next spring anyway. Small job, probably <30 minutes.


Need someone to spread soil and lay sod $20.00/hr

Location : Georgetown, Texas, 78626 / 22 miles

I am having 6 yards of soil and 2 pallets of Bermuda delivered on Wednesday, July 19th and I would like someone to come spread and level the soil and lay the sod early on Thursday, July 20th (Could start project early evening on the 19th). Area is approximately 900 square feet. I am available to h…


Build Pond and Water Falls $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78726 / 5 miles

I need a pond built to roughly match the attached photo. 7' ft, wide x 11 ft long x 18" deep.

I have all of the stone salvaged from a previous pond ready to use. I also have the pump and filter system. I need the hole dug (mostly jack hammered) and the masonry work as depicted in the photo.


Yard work, brush removal $35.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78727 / 8 miles

Clean the space in photo out and remove all brush and over grown plants


Help Laying Sod $20.00/hr

Location : Hutto, Texas, 78634 / 21 miles

Need to lay sod in back and side of house. Will have it delivered. I just need help to get it done faster.


Build small trellis/arbor $100.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78739 / 13 miles

To build a small trellis/arbor for the front window. See photo below. It would be smaller this.

Will provide wood.

Must have your own tools and experience.


Stone work mosaic $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas 78739 / 13 miles

Stone mosaic peacock design.
I would like something similar but about half the size. I'm looking for quotes from
Various sources.


Haul away large brush/limbs $60.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78704 / 9 miles

We need some large tree limbs and 2 pieces of concrete hauled away quickly


I need my grass cut $40.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78729 / 7 miles

I have a small yard that needs cutting!


I need someone to do landscaping $11.00/hr

Location : Round Rock, Texas, 78683 / 25 miles

Looking for someone to do landscaping for a business.


I need someone to pull weeds from my lawn $10.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78727 / 8 miles

I am needing someone to dig up the weeds from my lawn and possibly other yard work.


Fence post replaced $ ?

Location : Round Rock, Texas, 78681 / 13 miles

I need a fence post replaced. Fence is regular, 6 foot tall.


mown lawn and rake leaves $40.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78739 / 13 miles

We have a small yard. I need someone to mown the lawn and rake leaves. The leaves do not need to be bagged. Just rake to the side of the yard.


Need to have my yard raked $25.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78753 / 9 miles

I have artificial grass and I need someone to rake my yard (special rake provided) and spray the surrounding area with weedkiller.


Quote for concrete foundation $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78725 / 16 miles

I'm planning to install a shed, but would like to see how much a concrete foundation would cost as opposed to putting down pavers. Foundation will be 8'x8'.


Backyard Lawn Care (Mowing/Leaves) $15.00/hr

Location : Pflugerville, Texas, 78660 / 14 miles

My small backyard is normally tidy, but has gotten a little out of hand recently due to rough work situations not giving much time for it. Grass is getting high and there's stray leaves that need handling.

I'd love assistance in getting it back to a state of looking nice! Sooner the better. :)


Brush Haul Away $30.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78750 / 6 miles

Need a haul off of brush and yard trimmings from our front planter. Trimming is complete and brush is on the street and easy to grab and go.


Need someone to trim branches $150.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78749 / 10 miles

Need someone to trim branches on front yard trees and raise canopy. As well as cut the top off (flatten) my crepe myrtle


gardening $15.00/hr

Location : Austin, Texas, 78748 / 13 miles

Need someone to dig up and plant a few new shrubs and weed beds.


Repair water fountain $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78731 / 4 miles

I need to have someone repair my outdoor patio water fountain. The pump is not working.


Fence post replaced $ ?

Location : Irvine, California, 92606 / 1171 miles

I need old fence post dug up and replaced. This is for a 6' tall wood fence.


Side Yard Cleaned up $15.00/hr

Location : Huntington Beach, California, 92646 / 1181 miles

Need side yard cleaned up and dirt graded away from house. Then weed blocker laid down and rocks/fresh gravel placed.