Needs in

House Chores & Cleaning


Need someone to detail the interior of my car $25.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78704 / 9 miles

Shampoo and vacuum


Have wood trim cleaned $80.00

Location : Cedar Park, Texas, 78613 / 10 miles

I've a 826 square foot office that needs to have wood trim around the doors windows and floorboards cleaned. Estimate about 2 man hours. Office is currently empty so nothing needs to be moved.


Need A Make Ready on a Rental Prop $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78723 / 9 miles

Have a 1,000 sq foot Duplex that needs a deep cleaning and carpet cleaned in 2 rooms and a stairwell.


Need to have my house cleaned $40.00/hr

Location : Austin, Texas, 78773 / 4 miles

I need someone to clean my 2 bedroom house


I need my stuff unpacked & organize $150.00

Location : Lemon Grove, California, 91945 / 1128 miles

I just moved in and am feeling daunted by the unpacking I need done. I need someone or people that can unpack and organize the stuff well.


Need my home clean $80.00

Location : Los Angeles, California, 90005 / 1200 miles

I need someone to clean my 2 bedroom home.


Go to store and buy specific item $60.00

Location : Laurel, Maryland, 20724 / 1279 miles

need you to go to total wine and buy micther's 25. as many bottles as they have and ship it to me. i will advise how to ship it


Ironing Clothing $10.00/hr

Location : Corona, California, 92880 / 1160 miles

Must know how to iron clothes. Will take around 5 hours to complete. (About 130 socks.) Feel free to bring headphones to listen to music, etc. Ironing supplies will be provided. Thank you.


I run a printing service out of my home and clothes need to be ironed before being printed on. Thi…


$50 pick up & deliver laundry $50.00

Location : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19124 / 1376 miles

ASAP. Pick up 2 small-medium size bags regular clothes. Detergent & drier sheets supplied. Don't have to seperate, it can all go together. Don't fold either just put back in bag is fine. Return when competed.


Open a gate - 2 min job! $20.00

Location : Reno, Nevada, 89502 / 1330 miles

I’m arriving in Reno in a few weeks and will be on a really tight schedule - I need to know if the front gate / lock at my self-storage facility still works 24/7, because if it doesn’t work after 8pm I’ll need to change my flight. All I need someone to do is go to the self storage place at (or after…


organized clothes &houselhold items $100.00

Location : Massapequa, New York, 11758 / 1463 miles

I need someone to remove clothes/ other household items from several bins . All the clothes must be sorted and organized properly in cabinets
It can be a two day projects 5 hours each day


Basic House Cleaning $10.00/hr

Location : Hollywood, Florida, 33201 / 1135 miles

I recently moved back in my apt. and have most furniture not in yet. So apt. is pretty empty yet messy from previous squatters. I wanted to focus on the main areas of occupancy at the moment which are the kitchen, living room & one of the bed rooms to be cleaned. Basic cleaning equ…


house and yard work assistance $10.00/hr

Location : Barberton, Ohio, 44203 / 1121 miles

I need someone to assist me with house and yard work that I cannot get accomplished through the week.


paint interior of house $1,000.00

Location : Irving, Texas, 75063 / 184 miles

need some rooms painted - will also need you to bring paint and any necessary supplies. also one small area in ceiling to repair/patch


House cleaned $200.00

Location : Rockwall, Texas, 75032 / 191 miles

3 bed room 2 bath house in rockwall. Needs monthly clean


Helper needed ORGANIZE & CLEAN $10.00

Location : Kemp, Texas, 75143 / 167 miles

I am looking for a self starter energetic gal to help with my home based business, helping me with whatever I'm doing that day, Garden, planting,weeding, organizing, Posing on Ebay, packing, House cleaning, etc.


light housekeeping help $20.00/hr

Location : San Rafael, California, 94991 / 1444 miles

We need help mainting the day to day chores of our house, no heavy cleaning required. We have a house keeper twice a month. This is a job for help with dishes, laundry, straightening (esp. my daughters things), taking out trash, sweeping, helping with puppy. 2-3 days a week, 3-4 hours each time. Ar…


Scrub Concrete Floors & Backyard $80.00

Location : New York, New York, 10012 / 1439 miles

I need someone to scrub concrete floors inside a store (approximately 2 rooms) and also outside scrub the patio and clean a small backyard.


Apt Cleaned $ ?

Location : Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910 / 1266 miles

I have a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. I have a vacuum but please bring your own supplies.


Ironing $12.00/hr

Location : New York, New York, 10036 / 1440 miles

We are looking for someone to come in and iron our clothes. The task should take 2 hrs. We also need our bathroom and kitchen to be cleaned which should take around an hr.
The total task will not more than 3 hrs.

Please reply with your rates. We need someone to come in on a weekday post 5:…


Need to Have Car Cleaned Out $70.00

Location : Riverside, California, 92507 / 1145 miles

I need someone to help clean out my car. Selling it in a few days and need to have it cleaned out and organized. What's trash is trash, and what could possibly be important please put aside.


I need garbage bags to be disposed $15.00

Location : Punta Gorda, Florida, 33950 / 1002 miles

I need someone to throw out four garbage bags in a small shopping center walkway. Throw the bags in garbage receptacle and replace with new clean bag.


Light Housework $30.00

Location : Richmond, Virginia, 23222 / 1224 miles

I am seeking someone to perform the following duties in my home:
Laundry, Dishes, and Scooping cat litter boxes.

-Laundry (loading/unloading washer, loading/unloading dryer, and folding). The expectation is one load of laundry.

-Dishes- Loading/Unloading dishwasher, putting items away, handw…


household organizational task help $10.00/hr

Location : North Brunswick, New Jersey, 08902 / 1412 miles

closet clean out, good will donation, ect. would love to discuss


Snow Shoveling $50.00

Location : Staten Island, New York, 10301 / 1433 miles

I need someone to shovel snow from approximately 200 square feet of sidewalk in front of a property.