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House Chores & Cleaning

3d 12h left

I need to clean 1 bedroom and 1 bath $35.00/hr

Location : Austin, Texas, 78739 / 13 miles

I need someone to deep clean one bathroom and 1 bedroom


Need some help in Kitchen like cutting vegeta $18.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78733 / 3 miles

House hold chores/ kitchen help


I need Female Personal Assistant $30.00/hr

Location : Upper Marlboro, Maryland, 20772 / 1275 miles

Hello I would like to hire a female personal assistant to help me get various (and somewhat random) things off my to do list.

Here are some examples:

1. Print return label in yahoo email: how to track order (#2696), write shipping address on box (we must pay return) include order confirmation …

14d 23h left

room cleaned $60.00/hr

Location : Mill Valley, California, 94941 / 1445 miles

200 square foot apartment and bathroom


Take Trash Bins to Curb $ ?

Location : Riverside, California, 92507 / 1145 miles

I need someone to ensure that the trash bins are ready for collection on a weekly basis.


Need someone to run the pipes $25.00/hr

Location : Signal Mountain, Tennessee, 37377 / 780 miles

I need someone to make sure doors are locked and run the water briefly so pipes don't burst.


Utility Coordination $25.00/hr

Location : Warner Robins, Georgia, 31093 / 840 miles

Need a runner to be present for utility activation at residential properties. You will go to the property for a four hour window (typically they come early, shouldn't ever have to wait for that long) and will access the property via a lockbox with a code we provide. You will be meeting with water an…


Help with new area rugs $50.00/hr

Location : Long Branch, New Jersey, 07740 / 1432 miles

We need someone to help with putting down our new area rugs, particularly in the living room, dining room, master bedroom and spare room.


Pack up Christmas decorations $25.00

Location : Bradenton, Florida, 34205 / 956 miles

Lots of Christmas decor and dishes to pack


Need some furniture painted $20.00/hr

Location : Los Angeles, California, 90065 / 1195 miles

I need 3 tall wooden shelving units painted, and a wooden side table (two are 68" tall x 16" W x 16" deep, and another is 78" tall x 16" W x 11" deep), and side table is


Need some furniture painted $20.00/hr

Location : Los Angeles, California, 90065 / 1195 miles

I need 3 tall wooden shelving units painted, and a wooden side table (two are 68" tall x 16" W x 16" deep, and another is 78" tall x 16" W x 11" deep), and side table is


Need 2 get home ready appraisal $ ?

Location : Sacramento, California, 95823 / 1395 miles

need help moving garden tools from point a to b; stack fence boards; move paint cans to storage area; move items around home


(Home Manager - Part time, Errands, $15.00

Location : San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00901 / 2236 miles

We are looking for a person to assist with general cleaning
* Start bedsheets & laundry (set 60 min timer on phone + buzzer), move to dryer later
* Load dishwasher,
* clean all sinks (kitchen + bathrooms)
* General organization and moving things to where they belong
* Restock refrigerat…


housekeeping $15.00

Location : Miami, Florida, 33169 / 1137 miles

Looking for help to clean our home and fold the laundry.


Take down and cleanup after a party $50.00

Location : Sierra Madre, California, 91024 / 1186 miles

I am having a party for about 60 people and we would like some help cleaning up a small space. This will involve folding up and putting away about 60 chairs and a dozen tables, taking out trash, and sweeping when complete.


Packing Assistance $220.00/hr

Location : Saint James, Missouri, 65559 / 628 miles

We are looking for someone that can assist elderly couple finish packing of home items this week. This entails, basically, pulling items out of closet and drawers, letting them tell you if it is a keep or not, and bagging and boxing it in designated bags/boxes. No moving involved - bags and boxes ca…


Need help unpacking and organizing $25.00/hr

Location : Brea, California, 92821 / 1177 miles

Help! We're drowning in boxes! We just moved and we have some physical limitations.

We need help unpacking our kitchen. This includes vacuuming and wiping out cabinets and drawers, applying no stick shelf liner, plus washing and putting away dishes. Some things might need to be donated too.


Light cooking, grocery run, dishes $30.00/hr

Location : San Francisco, California, 94122 / 1441 miles

I need someone to pick up a few items from a nearby grocery store, cook a simple meal and hand wash a load of dishes.


House Cleaned/ Beds made/STRP turn $37.00/hr

Location : Chicago, Illinois, 60637 / 949 miles

We have an Airbnb just southwest of UChciago / Hyde Park. Will need probably light cleaning, 3 beds made etc. Probably can be done in under 2 hours, must be Friday between 11am done by 2:30pm. Repeating task (time changes given guest checkouts), can provide more details if you are interested, thank…


House decluttered/organized/cleaned $ ?

Location : Athens, Georgia, 30606 / 863 miles

My home is a 2 bedroom 1 bath home but we would only be working with one of the bedrooms. It’s a total of 1100 square feet. Because my family is large but our home is small, my house is out of control and I don’t know how to fix it. Please help!


House cleaned/ decluttered asap $100.00/hr

Location : Athens, Georgia, 30606 / 863 miles

I need someone to come help me clean my home and the declutter it. I’m not asking anybody to come in and completely finish the job just work alongside of me to help me get my house under control $12 hourly


We help customers with their cleani $ ?

Location : Ohio City, Ohio, 45874 / 997 miles

We help clients with their commercial and residential cleaning. Leave your cleaning in our hands.


Need to have apt cleaned $180.00

Location : New York, New York, 10032 / 1444 miles

I need someone to visit my apt for a handful of days (3-4) and just vacuum and mop (that's it) for 1-1.5 hrs. Equipment is provided.


I need my carpet vacuumed 2x weekly $ ?

Location : Redondo Beach, California, 90278 / 1203 miles

I need someone to vacuum 1000 sq. ft of carpet a total of 5 times over the next 3 weeks.


Need kitchen & 2 baths cleaned $100.00

Location : Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 48304 / 1125 miles

I need to have my kitchen cleaned and the empty cupboards wiped out. It is a small kitchen. Really just the sink and backsplash, countertops, refrigerator, and maybe the stovetop only and floor if you do floors and stovetops. I also need my 2 bathrooms cleaned. Same thing really, just wipe out th…