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Handyman & Assembly


Replace water supply line valves $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78739 / 13 miles

Need to replace 11 full turn compression water supply line valves with quarter turn valve, i have the parts, just need to screw off old valve and screw on new one, no pipe cutting required
The valves that I have are the home Depot #29 valve
1/4 turn angle valve 1/2" wall and 3/8" to connection


Dry wall patch $100.00

Location : Austin, Texas, 78739 / 13 miles

I need someone to fix a skirting and patchup dry wall and make a canned light point.


tile backsplash for bathroom sink $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78702 / 9 miles

Install a 12" x 24" backsplash behind the bathroom sink, ideally made up of smaller tile like what is elsewhere in the bathroom (subway tile in shower and small hexagons on floor).

There is bump where the faucet sits so the differing levels will require a few cuts.

Also, we could use new grout…


Chandelier changed out $ ?

Location : Round Rock, Texas, 78681 / 13 miles

I have a chandelier I need switched out, the ceiling is 18 ft high.


Handyman $15.00

Location : Burnett, Wisconsin, 53922 / 1018 miles

I am looking for someone in Virginia and in Wisconsin, to go look at some houses I want to buy, take some pictures for me and look at the property to see if the roof and foundation and other things are structurally sound before I buy it.


need flood light bulbs replaced $40.00

Location : Highland, New York, 12528 / 1458 miles

need outdoor flood light bulbs replaced (replacement bulbs provided); you will need at least 28 foot ladder to access light fixtures.


Spare part replacement $50.00

Location : Los Angeles, California, 90015 / 1197 miles

To be on call should there be a need for replacement of watch winder electronic parts.
Less than 30 mins, just need a screwdriver, video tutorials here:


Talk to Plumbers $ ?

Location : Pinole, California, 94564 / 1433 miles

I am trying to get the plumbing of the showerhead raised to get a rain shower fixture installed in the master bathroom.


one piece of furniture assembled $50.00

Location : Orlando, Florida, 32803 / 1008 miles

Item is a simple play table for my granddaugher. Assembly not complicated at all.


Day of assistance for a birthday $40.00/hr

Location : Canton, Massachusetts, 02021 / 1592 miles

Tasks include but are not limited to:

- Unloading 9" truck and unpacking items ( heaviest box is 17 pounds)
- Putting cushions on 120 chairs
- Steaming and placing tablecloths on tables
- Setting up catering tables (not the food just items)
- Setting up napkins and cutlery as required
- Othe…


Hvac unit installed in a small apt $900.00

Location : Johnson City, Tennessee, 37601 / 956 miles

I have the unit. I need an hvac person to put it in for me. It’s going in an 800 sq ft apt. It is 2.5 ton.


Need wood trim repaired $ ?

Location : Alpharetta, Georgia, 30005 / 820 miles

I need someone to replace wood trim on windows


Household chores at new apt $ ?

Location : Cranston, Rhode Island, 02921 / 1569 miles

I just moved to RI and need someone to help move around some boxes and furniture, connext the duct tube to my dryer, hang curtain rods, fix a closet rod, and clean the inside of a couple of tall cupboards I can't reach, etc.


painting $100.00

Location : Aurora, Illinois, 60504 / 930 miles

need to paint 3 small closets painted from inside (white paint ) and few minor touch ups


install in 2 bathrooms -3 piece hardware set $30.00

Location : Naperville, Illinois, 60564 / 928 miles

install in 2 bathrooms -3 piece hardware set - (Bathroom Hardware 3 Pieces Black Set - 16.5 Inch Black Towel Bar, Toilet Paper Holder & Robe Towel Hooks )


closet paint touch up $150.00

Location : Aurora, Illinois, 60504 / 930 miles

To paint 3 small closets inside walls


Old roof vent pipes to be replaced $100.00

Location : Portland, Oregon, 97223 / 1597 miles

I need the following to be done:

1) remove the old plumbing vent pipe in the garage that goes all the way through the roof; 2) install a roof vent instead of that plumbing pipe (and patch the roof shingles to accommodate the new vent); 3) remove/cut the washer old pipes in the garage, put caps on…


Replace an rv faucet in kitchen $200.00

Location : Urbana, Ohio, 43078 / 1003 miles

Faucet in camper is broken. I have the new one and I need someone to change it


Install Google Nest E Thermostat $40.00/hr

Location : Tucker, Georgia, 30084 / 818 miles

Remove old thermostat and install new Google Nest E Thermostat [Model T4000ES]


need a dishwasher installed $ ?

Location : Arlington, Virginia, 22201 / 1261 miles

need to install a dishwasher where we did not have one before


Electrician to Install Coax Outlet $ ?

Location : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19146 / 1371 miles

I need an electrician to install a coax outlet to my apartment from the Xfinity cable.


Ladder labor $40.00

Location : West Sacramento, California, 95605 / 1401 miles

Apply Flex Seal to a garage gutter. I pre-clean gutter with a hose the day before. I supply the Flex Seal, ladder, and trowel.


Assemble closet $25.00

Location : Windsor Mill, Maryland, 21244 / 1286 miles

I just bought an IKEA closet I need it assembled


Toilet seat screws removal $50.00

Location : Oakland, California, 94606 / 1429 miles

I need help with removal of a toilet seat. The screws to remove the lid are a bit rusty and I'm unable to remove them with the tools that I have.


Talk to handymen $75.00

Location : Atlanta, Georgia, 30321 / 804 miles

Looking to talk to handymen in Georgia for market research. Will pay $75 for 30-min phone call.