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Amateur Female models $10.00/hr

Location : Rockford, Illinois, 61103 / 939 miles

I am looking for females to model for me to expand my portfolio. I am a skilled amateur photographer with a studio in my home.


Need Someone to Review Headphones! $ ?

Location : New York, New York, 10112 / 1440 miles

So the thing is...I want to buy a freaking great headphone.
So what’s the deal about it?

I live in Brazil. Stores here don’t give a crap about high end headphones.

And I won’t be heading for USA or Europe for some time but I NEED this headphones becouse of reasons.

But as they are ex…


Looking for Bird Chargers $30.00

Location : North Hollywood, California, 91602 / 1203 miles


We are shooting a mockumentary about Bird Scooters, and we are looking for someone with a Bird charger account who can bring 4 Birds, plus chargers, to a house in Studio City after 8pm this Sunday 7/29 and Monday 7/30. We will pay you $5 per scooter, plus a $5-10 travel fee. You can either…


An Entertainer or animator for a 3 year old g $60.00

Location : Houston, Texas, 77008 / 150 miles

Celebrate toddler birthday party (if theme is possible, The deep Ocean, Pout Pout Fish or Finding Dora.
Entertain kids with activities or play games, distract them at the park? 11 kids might be more.


Ride the subway $10.00/hr

Location : New York, New York, 10011 / 1439 miles

Ride the A/C/E line during commute hours (8 - 11am and 5 - 7pm) through uptown and downtown manhattan and use a provided app.