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Somebody with ticklish feet $150.00

Location : Salem, Massachusetts, 01970 / 1609 miles

I need a young man, 18 or older, younger than 35, with extremely ticklish feet, who is willing to be compensated in cash for getting tickled on their bare feet.


dj $ ?

Location : Akron, Ohio, 44312 / 1129 miles

i need a dj for my daughter's birthday


Easy money tickling $200.00

Location : Miami, Florida, 33166 / 1134 miles

I need a guy to tickle my feet for 30 minutes. The easiest money you can make.


Amateur Female models $10.00/hr

Location : Rockford, Illinois, 61103 / 939 miles

I am looking for females to model for me to expand my portfolio. I am a skilled amateur photographer with a studio in my home.


Need Someone to Review Headphones! $ ?

Location : New York, New York, 10112 / 1440 miles

So the thing is...I want to buy a freaking great headphone.
So what’s the deal about it?

I live in Brazil. Stores here don’t give a crap about high end headphones.

And I won’t be heading for USA or Europe for some time but I NEED this headphones becouse of reasons.

But as they are ex…


Looking for Bird Chargers $30.00

Location : North Hollywood, California, 91602 / 1203 miles


We are shooting a mockumentary about Bird Scooters, and we are looking for someone with a Bird charger account who can bring 4 Birds, plus chargers, to a house in Studio City after 8pm this Sunday 7/29 and Monday 7/30. We will pay you $5 per scooter, plus a $5-10 travel fee. You can either…