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Business & Legal


Need someone that knows how to bill $10.00/hr

Location : Austin, Texas, 78727 / 8 miles

I'm needing someone that is proficient on the computer that knows how to bill insurance companies.


Create cover letters $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78722 / 8 miles

I need someone to help craft cover letters and emails for a job search


Help with Quickbooks $ ?

Location : Austin, Texas, 78727 / 8 miles

I need someone to help me clean up my small business quickbooks. I was using Wave and switched mid year to QB, and I have made a mess of it. (Good news is there aren't a ton of transactions.) Compensation TBD


I need bookkeeping $25.00/hr

Location : Littleton, Colorado, 80121 / 743 miles

I need someone to set up my books using Quickbooks


Help with data input and referencin $25.00/hr

Location : New York, New York, 10010 / 1440 miles

Light cross referencing, of legal materials and data input. Take place at library. Should be about 3 hours


I need paralegal for personal injury law offi $ ?

Location : San Francisco, California, 94111 / 1437 miles

client intake to settlement


payroll service $ ?

Location : Pasadena, California, 91101 / 1190 miles

I want a payroll service for my company, Direct Deposit


Find and Scan a Brochure $25.00

Location : Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101 / 1045 miles

I am looking for someone who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and has recently received a mailing from Opendoor (see

Specifically, I would like to see an example of a letter where Opendoor provides an estimated value for their home and offers to purchase it in this price range.



errand person $ ?

Location : Chicago, Illinois, 60610 / 954 miles

i need someone to run errands for me while am busy with other business.


Order, Pickup, & Delivery $60.00

Location : Los Angeles, California, 90036 / 1202 miles

I need to following tasks completed and all items delivered at 11am PST to IPG office:

1) Print and have bound at FedEx a total of 3 copies of a presentation (I'll send pdf docs).
2) Place an order for 2 dozen cupcakes (ask for a variety of flavors) for tomorrow May 16 at 10:30am.
3) Deliver…


personal assisitance $30.00/hr

Location : Odessa, Texas, 79762 / 286 miles

JASON ANTIQUES deal mainly in sales of antiques it a small business run my me but right now i would be needing personal assistance cause i travel a lot so i need a trustworthy personal assistance, you would receive payment of sales and also make payments to our various suppliers