So you’ve found the perfect job. Congratulations! (Need help looking for work? Click here.)

Follow these simple steps so that you spend less time looking for work, and more time getting it done.

Do I have the skills?

Only apply to jobs that you have the skills to do. If you aren’t qualified, keep looking. If you end up getting a job that requires skills that you don’t have, you could get a bad review and damage your reputation.

Can I present my skills well?

You can make an offer on any Need, but your chances improve if you are able to show your employer that you have the skills necessary for the task you’ve offered to do. NeedTo requires that you fill out at least 25% of your profile before you make an offer on a Need. This way, other people on the site can make an informed decision when they hire you!

Do I have the time to do the Need?

Make sure you have enough time to do the work that you’re offering to do.

Do I need to bring materials?

Ask the NeedTo user that you’re working with if you should bring anything with you. Discuss how materials will be paid for before you start working.

Where will I be working?

Decide when and where you will meet with your employer. Plan ahead to show up a little bit early.

Is the wage fair?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, so don’t take a job at an unfair wage. Always talk with your employer before you start working. Ask questions about what you need to do and how long you will need to work.